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We are STEM! Stephen & Emily Rippee!

We are a husband and wife duo just trekking through life trying to make the most of every second and capture the special moments of life. Not just for us, but for those around us as well. We never would’ve thought this is where our trekking would’ve brought us. Just a little over a year ago Stephen was a pastor and had never touched a camera or editing software. And Emily had stepped away from photography for a few years. Fast forward a year and somehow Stephen found a talent at age 30 that he never had before and Emily’s passion for photography was back in action. Our minds our truly blown by God right now. 

We are based out of Springfield, MO where we live with our two little girls. We enjoy being goofy and weird and nerdy (that one is mainly Stephen haha). Just last night a little dance party broke loose in the living room. We love to travel and that’s one thing we know this career path will allow us to do. While yes, we are based out of Springfield, we are up for traveling worldwide to tell your story! Em will take care of all of your photography needs (weddings, portraits, engagements, seniors, maternity, etc.) while Stephen will take care of your video needs (weddings, promos, commercials, short films, social media material, etc.).

We’ve been asked a few times if we ever get tired of this or if we’ve hit a wall. While there are ups and downs in our job (just like all jobs) we love what we do. Mainly because we’ve come to the realization that we have such a special opportunity to view the world in such a different spectrum. We get to see things and allow other people to see things in ways they didn’t think was possible. That has become one of our main goals. But our ultimate goal is to connect people to other people and their stories. We love stories. Just ask Emily, Stephen tells a 5 minute story in about 30 minutes! And while yes this is a job for us, it is way more than that. It is about getting to hear your story. Getting to know what makes you, YOU. So for us, it’s not just about the camera. It’s about the relationships that we get to build and make throughout this journey!

We would love to get to know you and chat with you. So send a quick email our way!


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